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Yep! You guys read it correctly! MLM/DMV Radio is now listed on Tune-In Radio! Thanks for the support! Now all of your music is officially global!


New Mixtape from the one and only, Queen Kyi! This one is called #Trilluminati and you must download this mixtape! Head on over to the Mixtapes section and click that download button!


New mixtape from the ever so dope Mia Sparrow! Y'all need to head on over to the 'Mixtapes' section and check "Love and Other Drugs" out. It's a must download mixtape! Click that 'Mixtapes' link homies!


I know y'all have been waiting on this one right? Oh, by the way, it's certified 'G' homies! Don't believe me ? Head on over to the 'New Music' section and judge for yourself then pimpin! As always, click that play button homies!


New Mixtape from the DMV's own Rai L! Who is Rai L? Why is he in the featured banner of the site? Well head on over to the 'Mixtape' Section and find out why!

Friday, March 27, 2015

*KICKS* @AdidasOriginals x Pharrell - Supercolor Superstars

OMG! Thanks Pharrell! Thanks Adidas! I am in love...Oh the pretty colors! 50 pair of crazy colorways! The artist kid in me is jumping around like it drank a 12 pack of Surge! Goodness! This is just insanity! I am going to go broke this month buying shoes. #Salute 2 Sneakernews for the pics. 

*VIDEO* Tech N9ne x @StrangeMusicInc - Aw Yeah? (interVENTion)

THANK GOD FOR TECH N9NE! Y'all have no idea what rap is until you listen to this track! I have been a Tech N9ne fan since I heard "Questions" on the Gang Related soundtrack. I sat around for years saying to myself, why the fuck this man was not a gazillionare? Tech has done nothing but drop pure gold in the form of lyrics for two plus decades. I am just glad the dude is finally getting the accolades for all the hard work and dope music he has put out over the years. This "Aw Yeah?" track has just solidified why this man is my current favorite rapper. If rap was a mountain, Tech N9ne would be the apex, summit, or zenith of said mountain. Enough of my rambling, click that play button homies! SUPPORT THE ARTIST AND BUY THEIR SHIT! #SWAG 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

*MUSIC* Boosie Badazz x @_BadAzzEnt_ - Black Rain

Leave it to Boosie to drop some shit that is not only savage but real. Since Boosie was released, my dude has been dropping some deep ass music. "Black Rain" is as deep as it gets. Straight from the mind and the mouth of a street nigga just trying to figure this life shit out. This track is just raw and gritty. It also has a message. If you don't understand that message, it's because you simply can't relate. #Salute 2 the brother for dropping some un-cut real shit. You listen to this and can't do nothing but respect it. Great music deserves to be heard. Click that play button homies. SUPPORT THE ARTIST AND BUY THEIR SHIT! #SWAG  

*MUSIC* @TPAIN f. @AudioPush - Sun Goes Down

New music from that dude T-Pain! This one is featuring Audio Push. The track is called "Sun Goes Down". This track has a dope vibe to it. I fucks with it. Granted it ain't too much T-Pain shit outchea that I don't fuck with. Face it, T-Pain is a gifted dude. I am actually looking forward to his new mixtape, "The Iron Way".  Anyway, enough of my yappin. Click that play button homies! Oh, and SUPPORT THE ARTIST AND BUY THEIR SHIT! #Swag

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

*VIDEO* @Tyga - 40 Mill

I know, Y'all are probably wondering why I posted this joint. I posted this joint because its fucking dope. I know some folks hate the dude because he is with the Kardashian joint. But, that's that man's business. I personally fucks with the song. All y'all niggas buy tickets for your chick to see R. Kelly right? Shit all y'all chicks still throw drawls at his sold out shows like the nigga wasn't on tape cranking a super young joint. The he say she say shit folks get into these days is wild to me. Say what you want about Tyga, but you can't deny this track straight heat. Some of y'all are probably looking for the instrumental right now. Anyway, click that play button homies! I fucks with the track. Dope music deserves to be heard. SUPPORT THE ARTIST AND BUY THEIR SHIT! #Swag


I'm ji late with posting this one. I saw it a month or so ago thanks to my cousin Nook. He is a die hard Pro Era fan and he got me hooked on their music. I fucks with this video for two reasons. The first reason, the track is dope. It's refreshing to listen to. Sometimes you have to  take a break from the 808's and vibe out. Joey did his thing on this track. The second reason I fucks with this video is the message in the video. Considering the recent rash of police shootings, Joey decided to depict those shootings in his video. Brave move my dude. Good music and dope visuals. What more can one ask for? As always, click that play button homies! SUPPORT THE ARTIST AND BUY THEIR SHIT!