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New mixtape from the ever so dope Mia Sparrow! Y'all need to head on over to the 'Mixtapes' section and check "Love and Other Drugs" out. It's a must download mixtape! Click that 'Mixtapes' link homies!


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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

*VIDEO* @YahdoeMusic x @SwayMontana100 - I Cant Even Tell

New video from the homies Yahdoe and Sway Montana! This one is called "I Can't Even Tell". It's a dope track. The video is on point and both of them bring the heat on their verses. Keep these cats on your radar homies! As always, click that play button! Support the artists and BUY THEIR SHIT! #SWAGG

*MUSIC* @BigSant x @LoTheUnderdog x @BIGKRIT x @THEREALBANNER - Fire Water 2

Bruh! When I saw Tito Lopez RT this I was like, "What!". If y'all don't know, I am a die hard Crooked Lettaz supporter. I purchased that "Grey Skiez" album in high school and niggas had no idea what the fuck it was. When I played "Fire Water" and "Get Crunk" niggas lost their minds! Needless to say, I have been a Banner supporter ever since. Banner is the reason I check for Mississippi music till this day. A brother had issues with keeping up with the music back in the day, but thankfully the internet makes that a little more easier these days. Anyway, I was geeked to hear this. Big Sant, Big Krit, and Tito Lopez over that Crooked Lettaz "Fire Water" track? Whaaaaaatttt! Instant heat! Y'all better stop bullshitting and hit that play button homies! Support the artist and BUY THEIR SHIT! #SWAGG 

*EP* @OGMaco - OG Maco EP

Bruh! I was not expecting this OG Maco EP to be so dope. My dude created a good piece of work with this one. I'm currently blasting this on the studio speakers. My favorite track on this joint is, "Human Nature". If you thought "U Guessed It" was all the dude had, your buggin. Coach K did it again. Y'all stop fakin' and download the homies tape ASAP! Support the artist, and BUY THEIR SHIT! #SWAGG

*MIXTAPE* @iLoveMakonnen5D - I Love Makonnen

Ji late boarding the Makonnen train. Doesn't mean I won't support the G. I am late because I didn't fuck with him at first listen. Shit was way to different and it sounded unpolished and unfinished. Gave him a second listen and ironically that's why I like this mixtape. It sounds nothing like other shit that is currently out. His beat selection is dope and he is original. When you hear Makonnen you instantly know its Makonnen. I give the dude props for being his damn self. Do yourself a favor and download this mixtape. My favorite track on this joint is "Tonight". The homie str8 blasted some chick named Brianna. Messy, but hilarious. Click that download button homies! Support the artist, and BUY THEIR SHIT! #SWAGG

*MIXTAPE* @LilTunechi - Sorry 4 The Wait 2

I must admit, I downloaded this mixtape because of all the negative hype the shit was getting. I decided I wanted to hear the shit for myself before I spoke on it. First listen, I hated it. I thought the nigga sounded way too much like Thug. Second listen, I liked it. Then like I did my research and realized Weezy fathered the current Thug style (I'm a dumbass, I know). Third, listen, I fucking love this mixtape! Major sites are bagging this mixtape because its not as uptempo and "supposedly" doesn't have witty clever lines like his last tape. My question to those sites are, What the fuck are you listening to? Weezy fucked this mixtape up! IMO this is the dopest tape from Weezy to date. I don't give a fuck what you think. It's my opinion and I'm entitled to it. Also, I am not scared to voice my opinion like some of you folks. My favorite track on this joint is "HollyWeezy". Anyway, enough of my ranting. Y'all download this excellent piece of work! Support the artist, and BUY THEIR SHIT! 

*MIXTAPE* @TrinidadJamesGG - No One Is Safe

Hands down my favorite mixtape out at the moment. Trinidad James - No One Is Safe, is a quality mixtape. I guess you can call this Def Jam's loss. Hey, shit happens I guess. I'm just happy my dude T-James is still releasing heat. My favorite track on this one is "Shroom Party". Y'all stop fakin' and download this mixtape! Support the artist. BUY THEIR SHIT! #SWAGG