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Yep! You guys read it correctly! MLM/DMV Radio is now listed on Tune-In Radio! Thanks for the support! Now all of your music is officially global!


New Mixtape from the one and only, Queen Kyi! This one is called #Trilluminati and you must download this mixtape! Head on over to the Mixtapes section and click that download button!


New mixtape from the ever so dope Mia Sparrow! Y'all need to head on over to the 'Mixtapes' section and check "Love and Other Drugs" out. It's a must download mixtape! Click that 'Mixtapes' link homies!


I know y'all have been waiting on this one right? Oh, by the way, it's certified 'G' homies! Don't believe me ? Head on over to the 'New Music' section and judge for yourself then pimpin! As always, click that play button homies!


New Mixtape from the DMV's own Rai L! Who is Rai L? Why is he in the featured banner of the site? Well head on over to the 'Mixtape' Section and find out why!

Sunday, June 28, 2015


I had the urge to do some shooting this morning. I dusted off the old 1.8 and decided to shoot the kicks my wife grabbed me, these beautiful Denim Nike Air Tech Challenge Hybrids. I love these kicks. My wife is fucking awesome! 

Saturday, June 27, 2015


New Mixtape from the homie Fat Gleesh! This one is called Georgetown and its str8 crack. The intro goes in and sets the tempo for the tape.  Do yourselves a favor and make sure you click that download button because this joint is to dope to miss out on. As Always, CLICK THAT DOWNLOAD BUTTON AND BUY THE ARTIST'S SHIT! #Swag! 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

*MUSIC* @FrenchieBSM x @ShyGlizzy x @SleepBSMMDE - FallOut Remix

New music from my dude Frenchie ! This one features DC's very own! My homie, and BSM / MDE signee Sleep!  Oh, and I can't forget about the streets hottest youngin' Shy Glizzy! Y'all know I am going to post the track as soon as I get it! Stay locked to the site homies! 

*UPDATE* Look what I just got in my e-mail! It's from me to you. Ha! Y'all click that play button asap! 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

*KICKS* Familia Skate Shop x Nike SB Dunk High - Blue Ox

 Bro! I told y'all the Nike SB line was back! These Paul Bunyan joints is good as copped B! These are soooooo on my radar! This maybe my cop of the month. Salute 2 familia for releasing these gems. I am going to be pissed if they do not make a size 14. Which means I'll have to chance it with a size 13. 

Anyway, these kicks are beyond awesome and I fucks with them. If I miss out on these I'll probably cop the Dorothy Sb's if I can find a 14 since I know I need a 14 is sb lows. 

#Salute 2 Sneakefiles again for the kick pics. These are releasing on the 27th of June. Man these are pure crack.

*KICKS* Air Jordan 11Lab4 - Red


I must admit, Jordan is the shit for releasing these 11 lab 4's. I fucked with the black pair, and I really fucks with the red colorway. That patent leather upper reminds me of a pair of patent leather Air Force One mids I had as a kid. I fucking love red shoes and I thank Yeezus for being bold enough to release a monotone red colored shoe. Homie set a mean ass trend that has caught on like wild fire even after he left Nike hanging Ha!

My only issue is the price. $250 is too rich for my blood. The quickest way to get me to not buy a shoe is to charge me $250. 

These will be releasing some time in the summer.  #Salute 2 for the kicks. Check out their site.


What The Lebron 12 photos are starting to leak like a broken faucet.  The more I see of them the more i actually dislike them. Especially since the posite peace is the same color on both shoes. If I get them, it's because I got the loot and I had a actual shot to get them. I never personally owned a pair of What the kicks. This maybe my first depending on the hype for these. 
#Salute to for the pics.  Check their site out.