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Yep! You guys read it correctly! MLM/DMV Radio is now listed on Tune-In Radio! Thanks for the support! Now all of your music is officially global!


New Mixtape from the one and only, Queen Kyi! This one is called #Trilluminati and you must download this mixtape! Head on over to the Mixtapes section and click that download button!


New mixtape from the ever so dope Mia Sparrow! Y'all need to head on over to the 'Mixtapes' section and check "Love and Other Drugs" out. It's a must download mixtape! Click that 'Mixtapes' link homies!


I know y'all have been waiting on this one right? Oh, by the way, it's certified 'G' homies! Don't believe me ? Head on over to the 'New Music' section and judge for yourself then pimpin! As always, click that play button homies!


New Mixtape from the DMV's own Rai L! Who is Rai L? Why is he in the featured banner of the site? Well head on over to the 'Mixtape' Section and find out why!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

*KICKS* Concepts x Nike SB - Stained Glass - Dunk High

Salute 2 my little cuz Nook for letting me showcase his kicks for this vid. You these Concept x Nike SB - Stained Glass kicks are insane! This shoe has exceeded the hype. Oh the hype is real with these! Click that play button homies!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

*MUSIC* @Jehuniko1 - 24 Years Old

New music from my dude Jehuniko! This one is called 24 Years Old, and it's the first single off of  his up and coming Bittersweet Vol. 2 project. Of course you know I am looking forward to the release of this project. The last one was too dope. 24 Years Old delivers, and it got me amped up and ready to check out Volume 2. As always, click that play button homies! 

*KICKS* Nike Lebron Ambassador VII Photos! - Black / Rose Gold / Grey / Orange

Another photo spread shot by yours truly. This weeks inspiration is the ever so awesome, Euro / Asia exclusive Nike Lebron Ambassador VII. Man, I love these kicks. I would like to cop another color, but this color way is by far the dopest of the colors that released so far. I may have stumbled across the missing piece of the Rose Gold Elite pack Nike released. What do you think ? 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

*KICKS* Saucony - Grid 9000 - Red / Yellow / White

*The Instrumental track is called “Summertime (Reprise)* Produced by K Fingers, Hula, and Ronald Edison

I picked up another pair of Saucony’s! These are soooo ripe for the summertime. If you do not have a pair of Grid 9000’s in your collection, your loafin. These kicks are so comfortable, light, and stylish. My suggestion is you should get yourself at least one pair. I highly recommend it. As always, click that play button and hit that thumbs up! Oh and subscribe to a brother’s channel. I appreciate all the love youtube, Peace! 

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Sunday, June 28, 2015


I had the urge to do some shooting this morning. I dusted off the old 1.8 and decided to shoot the kicks my wife grabbed me, these beautiful Denim Nike Air Tech Challenge Hybrids. I love these kicks. My wife is fucking awesome! 

Saturday, June 27, 2015


New Mixtape from the homie Fat Gleesh! This one is called Georgetown and its str8 crack. The intro goes in and sets the tempo for the tape.  Do yourselves a favor and make sure you click that download button because this joint is to dope to miss out on. As Always, CLICK THAT DOWNLOAD BUTTON AND BUY THE ARTIST'S SHIT! #Swag!